New Beginnings

It’s been a long time since I blogged regularly.  In fact, it’s been a couple of years.  Life with a toddler doesn’t leave much time for extra curricular activities when you’re holding down a night job a few days a week, still pursuing an acting career and trying to be a good wife and mom.  Those are a lot of things to juggle but for the time being, one of my balls dropped.

Recently, my place of employment, the place where I tend bar, caught on fire.

Now I will just be a wife, mom, sometimes actress, wannabe blogger and…at home sales person?  Well, I have flirted with it in the past and I think it’s time we start a full fledged relationship.  I’m going to be a Pampered Chef consultant.  I mean, I already am, but now maybe I’m going to try a little harder.  Who knows what this will actually entail but I’m willing to give it a try.

So, this is my first post back into the world of blogging.  I will write and start studying this stuff again, but for the few of you who may have missed my writing…I’m back to haunt you with stories of life in Los Angeles for a lady from Oklahoma.

Brian was kind enough to humor my want of a photo shoot for my new business.  Here is my Pampered Chef photo in all its glory!

Tomorrow I am getting headshots done and I have my final Level 2 class with some hilarious people at iO West.  Is it weird to be back in class with people half my age?  Sometimes.  But it’s also refreshing to know that all artists are ageless.  I’m excited to have the next couple of months off while the place where I worked remodels.  I wonder what I will do with my time.  This blog will follow that journey as well as my acting and work from home journeys.  Here we go!  Do people still read blogs?  Guess I will find out!